Sony E3 2017 Highlights And Reactions

We're uncertain what the source of these images is, but we'll make sure to revise you should we observe their origin. Pre-ordering the game on the PlayStation Store will get you an Uncharted: The Lost Legacy theme created by Truant Pixel. The trailer uncovered an extremely different sort of Spider-Man whose maneuvers were lightning fast yet somehow easy to follow. Si quelques informations avaient été dévoilées cette semaine, notamment sur la durée de vie du titre (plus de 10 heures), on en apprend plus sur ce standalone de la saga Uncharted.
Naughty Dog avait prévenu les joueurs, Uncharted 4 sera le dernier épisode à mettre à l'honneur le personnage de Nathan Drake. Au final, ce premier DLC répondra donc à l'appellation Uncharted : The Lost Legacy, et fera office de standalone, permettant aux joueurs d'incarner la célèbre Chloé, accompagnée dans child périple par Nadine Ross.
Plenty of explosions and crazy tanks moments throughout made the trailer a great watch. En effet, la longue vidéo nous permet de retrouver un personnage absent d' Uncharted 4 : Chloé. A fresh trailer for Detroit: Become People takes viewers into the mind of Marcus, a fresh Android introduced because the reveal this past year.
The only real Uncharted game that Naughty Dog didn't make - apart from a credit card battler and a mobile puzzle game - is Sony Bend's Uncharted: Golden Abyss , which was a PlayStation Vita unveiling title. Not much details here beyond a great deal of big monsters, however the trailer did reveal the game would land in early on 2018.
However, their pathways soon cross with Asav, our new antagonist exposed in the E3 report trailer. The game's latest trailer shows off both 2D and 3D platforming from two different editions of Sonic was well as a custom character directly from the depths of DeviantArt, and its own environments are absolutely stunning.
Sony's next exclusive was a gameplay trailer for his or her 3rd person, open world game Times Gone. We hope you love our new upgrade to Uncharted 4: Multiplayer and our first gameplay demonstration from Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Tesla Effect accumulates where 1998's Tex Murphy: Overseer and its cliffhanger ending kept off, and the short film of an trailer - it clocks in at more than eight minutes - provides glimpses at where the story is going.
We got a thrilling new trailer with a Fifth Element vibe at this year's E3, although we still don't know when the game might launch. The company's mammoth open world zombie game appears to be coming along properly, and the display trailer let visitors feast on seven minutes of anarchic undead mayhem.
Annoncé il y a déjà quelques mois, un trailer un peu plus exhaustif nous éclaircit sur les péripéties auxquelles feront face Chloé et Nadine. And a second story trailer for this mashup brawler starring Capcom and Marvel's arsenal of game icons, superheroes and villains.

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